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Green Fleet

Our ‘hybrid-electric’ vehicles use a petrol engine and an electric motor. Making your journey quiet and smooth when in heavy traffic but no less swift when on a clear motorway.

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By travelling in a hybrid you are reducing your carbon emissions by 50% on a typical airport transfer.

Safeguarding our future

According to a United Nations report Nov 2018, “projected emissions of carbon dioxide, the primary greenhouse gas, from nations around the world fall woefully short of the 2 degree Celsius goal set in the Paris Climate Agreement in 2015.

In fact, the report states that the current emission targets for all countries would result in an average global temperature rise of 3.2 degrees Celsius (5.8 degrees Fahrenheit) by 2100.

A 3.2 degree warmer world by the end of this century would bring about many of the dire consequences for human health, global economies and sea level rise that are projected from the "higher-emission" scenarios (also known as worst-case scenarios).

The latest target is to reduce this projection to a 2 degree goal to limit the impact of climate change on our future world.

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