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When do I need to book my car?

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All online bookings should be made at least 12-24 hours in advance. We are unable to accept online bookings with less notice than this at present. For bookings within the next 24 hours please call us on 01252 341444 to confirm availability.

Will I receive a booking confirmation?

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Yes, you will receive a confirmation via email with a job number confirming all your booked details. You will also receive a calendar entry for your diary. You will also receive an SMS reminder shortly before the booking which will contain your driver details and a link to track your driver on his way to you.

How do I pay?

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Whether you are a company requiring an airport transfer service on a daily basis or an individual flying through Heathrow or Gatwick Airport monthly you can set up an account with Business Shuttle for invoicing or a credit card account to avoid the hassle of paying on a journey by journey basis. For non-UK visitors we have an in-car payment service, we accept all major cards, printed receipts are provided at the time of payment and a VAT Invoice is emailed to all passengers after the completed journey.

Can I set up an Account?

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Yes, for companies using us for regular business travel, you can set up an invoice account for staff based in the UK that travel on a weekly and monthly basis. You receive preferred rates for Heathrow and Gatwick Airport transfers and priority booking status. For the individual business traveller you can pay direct by credit or debit card or set up a card account. VAT receipts are emailed to you automatically after the booking is completed. You can also set up a business account and manage your travel with your own online account per booker making it quicker and easier to book and keep a record of journey histories.

What are the benefits of a Business Account?

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There are additional benefits of creating a business account:

  • Your bookings will automatically get priority
  • Online membership account to check all your bookings in one place
  • Previous job history
  • Online invoice availability (invoice viewing and printing)
  • Easy online payment
  • There is no charge for setting up a business account

Do you operate a fixed price policy?

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Yes, the price quoted is the price you pay, with the exceptions of excess waiting times, road tolls and congestion charges.

What if my flight is delayed?

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We monitor and track all flights and will adjust our schedules accordingly to meet your delayed flight. For excessive delays we will keep in touch with you and make the next best plan to ensure you get home or to your destination despite the later than anticipated arrival time.

What is your waiting time policy?

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Waiting time is standard in the industry. Airport collections are subject to waiting time from scheduled arrival time. We offer a grace period of 45 minutes after which waiting is charged at £15/hr pro rata for the whole period regardless of the reason. Waiting time for all other non-airport pick-ups will be charged at £30/hr pro rata after 10 minutes of the scheduled pick up time. It’s very important that the contact telephone number you have provided is reachable. If we cannot establish contact with the passenger or they fail to contact us within the mentioned waiting time, then the bookings will be treated as no-show and the full fare will be payable. If you are experiencing unusually long delays due to immigration, baggage reclaim or customs or any other reasons, it is imperative that you call us to update us to ensure the driver waits on site. Waiting charge will still payable. If no contact is made after the above waiting times, then the bookings will be treated as no-show and full fares will be charged.

Road Tolls

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You may need to pay for any road tolls depending on the preferred route. These will be added to your fare.

Congestion Charge

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You may be required to pay a congestion charge depending on the day and time of your journey. Please call for further information.

What happens if I cancel?

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We understand that your plans may change and to avoid any cancellation fees we ask that you contact us as soon as possible if you need to cancel a booking. Unfortunately, there is a charge for all bookings cancelled within 90 minutes of the scheduled collection time and for any no–shows. We will charge the full fare if cancelled on arrival or any no shows plus any waiting time and if applicable airport parking. Cancellations within 24 hours to the pickup time – Business Shuttle at its discretion will charge up to 50% of the full fare. Cancellations within 2 hours to pick up time or afterwards – 100% of the full fare is payable and no refund will be issued for pre-paid bookings All cancellations should be made via email or telephone only.

How can I change my booking?

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Either through your account log-on on or via email or by telephone only if the booking is within 24 hours.

How much time do I need to leave from my flight landing to booking a pick up time?

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This time can vary quite a lot depending on the airport and the time of day. We recommend you book for 20 to 25 mins after you land but that you also give us your flight number. Our experienced drivers will know roughly how long you need to come out of the terminal. Your driver will be tracking your flight and will aim to be in the Arrivals hall within approx. 15mins after the flight lands.

Where will the driver meet me at the airport?

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We ‘Meet and Greet’ all customers in the terminal Arrivals hall.  The drivers will stand in a prominent position at the exit barrier and hold a personalised nameboard.  You will also receive an SMS with driver details and a phone number to call if you cannot locate your driver.

Please ensure that the mobile number you gave us during booking is switched on. We will try and contact you if we have any difficulty finding you.

Please take a note of our phone number which is sent in the booking confirmation email so you can ring us should you need to.

How can I pay my invoice?

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Your invoice can be paid using Credit/Debit Card or BACs payment.

What is the difference between cash and account bookings?

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Cash bookings are to be paid only via cash or card in the car on the day of travel. Account bookings are booked, managed and paid via an approved account. Passengers don’t need to pay for the journey themselves. An invoice will be sent to the account holding company or person at the end of each week or month.

Do you charge extra on Bank Holidays, Christmas and New Year?

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Yes, 50% extra charges apply during national holiday dates. We do not operate during the Christmas period from midday on 24th December through to 2nd January.

How are prices calculated?

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We operate a fixed postcode to postcode pricing structure. This is based on a booking fee and a distance-based unit rate taken from our database.

I have an event coming up, do you have an events team I can talk to?

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Our events team can arrange taxi/minibus services for all types of company events, including conferences and sales meetings and overseas visitors.

Are your drivers licensed?

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Yes, it is required by UK law that all taxi drivers are licensed by their respective councils.

Can I smoke in the car?

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No, smoking in our vehicles is not allowed at any time.

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