Business travel in many cases is a necessity but it does contribute to growing carbon emissions across the world. These are our suggestions to help reduce the global impact of business travel.


  1. Necessity of trip: Is travelling for business needed, particularly if it is by air as this contributes to climate change significantly more than other modes of transport. As an alternative to travel arrange an online video conference.
  2. Using paperless tickets when travelling: To reduce your carbon footprint further, use paperless methods as much as possible and avoid printing tickets and travel paperwork.
  3. Flying direct and shorter flights: If flying is necessary, fly shorter distances in economy class on direct flights.
  4. Alternatives to driving: Use alternative modes such as walking or cycling if at all feasible even if for only part of a journey.
  5. Greener vehicles: Where possible use a low-carbon, electric or hybrid vehicle for the business trip.
  6. Tracking your emissions:  business travel emissions can be calculated to measure reductions when using a carbon conscious operator. (See our website for how this could help you work towards to your environmental goals)
  7. Using car share and public transport.  Sharing the car journey with colleagues can reduce your carbon footprint significantly when travelling to an airport or meeting location.  When on a business trip try using public transport as much as possible.
  8. Reducing mileage: Consider a meeting location that reduces the mileage for all parties.
  9. Maintenance of car: A well-maintained car can reduce carbon emissions.  Keeping tyres with good tread depth, keeping oil and water topped up help an engine run smoothly.  Regular services ensure a car runs efficiently.
  10. Careful driving: Drive efficiently by keeping a steady speed, keep acceleration and braking smooth to save on fuel.
  11. Avoiding traffic: Reducing the amount of stopping and starting reduces carbon emissions. Seek the most uncongested routes where possible.
  12. Offsetting business travel carbon emissions: A business can calculate how much carbon it is using and consider ways to reduce their carbon footprint by using an organisation that can collect this data for you.  A business can offset their carbon emissions in many ways with schemes such a tree-planting or sponsoring a carbon-neutral project.
  13. Greener hotels: Stay at environmentally friendly hotels – look for the Green Tourism Award to help you decide.
  14. Lowering usage of resources when staying at hotels: In your hotel room turn lights and air conditioning off.  Request lower frequency towel washes.
  15. Using reusable coffee cups and water bottles:  Most of the big coffee chains offer re-usable cups or take a few extra minutes to sit down and enjoy your coffee in a real cup!

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