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Who are we?

Business Shuttle is an eco friendly car service using a fleet of hybrid cars offering businesses a green alternative for their airport transfers and local transfers.

Green Car Service

Our vision is simple.

To provide a quality professional business taxi service to companies and individuals for airport and local travel using the lowest carbon producing cars available. Our long term aim is to provide a zero emission service to all customers. We will keep you up to date!

We began in 2006 and the first car we ordered was a hybrid car, the Toyota Prius. The Prius was then and still is the lowest emission producing vehicle available for airport transfers. We truly believe in delivering an eco friendly service for companies and individuals. We want our passengers to experience a service with a difference by offering a greener approach to travel underpinned by a professional and reliable service with Business Shuttle.

Our Drivers

experienced professionals

Business Shuttle drivers are experienced professionals who have been trained to provide you with a first class service. Our driver are uniformed and trained in ROSPA road safety standards to deliver a safe approach to your journey.

Safety First

at all times

We understand the importance of road travel and what it takes to ensure safety at all times for our passengers. If you are considering using us for your business travel you will want to know that we have put all the best measures in place to ensure safety for your passengers at all times. We own and operate all our vehicles that are serviced every 10,000 miles with regular visual inspections. We change over to winter tyres for several months during the winter season – winter tyres provide better grip and braking in wet and icy conditions and our drivers follow a strict code of conduct of safety that forms part of the company health and safety policy.

Eco Friendly Cars

a business with a conscience

As part of our environmental commitment to our customers and the business community we deliver a service by using the greenest cars available. Our fleet consists of the hybrid car, the Toyota Prius.

We use the third generation Prius that reduces carbon emissions by 50% on a typical airport transfer to Heathrow Airport.

Business Shuttle is 100% committed to providing an eco friendly service to ensure that we are an integral part of the customers aim towards a greener business.